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This website needs to approve a radical divisional re-allignment

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Seriously, what does everyone think of the new format coming in next year?

Western Conference A: Vancouver, Colorado, Calgary, Edmonton, Phoenix, Anaheim, San Jose, & Los Angeles

Western Conference B: Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Minnesota, Nashville, Columbus, Winnipeg, Dallas

Eastern Conference A: Montreal, Boston, Toronto, Buffalo, Ottawa, Florida, Tampa Bay

Eastern Conference B: New York Rangers, New York Islanders, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Carolina, Washington & Pittsburgh

The Playoffs will consist of DIVISIONAL play. The way I see it (Though not approved by the BOG) would be 1v4, and 2v3 in each division for Round 1. The winners will play within their division again in Round 2. The Final 4 will be West A winners vs Western B winners, as well as East A vs East B. Then the champions from each conference play for the cup.

Also, there are now 16 teams in the West, and 14 in the East, and some are speculating this could lead to expansion as two more teams come East, one in Quebec, and that pesky rumour of a second Toronto team coming to the league. I wouldn't mind Hartford & Quebec coming back to the league for a 32 team league. But what of Phoenix? They won't last another 3 years in this league. Perhaps a move to Seattle or something? It is however interesting that they would put 16 in the West, and 14 in the East.

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I was thinking they would contract by two teams (phoenix and columbus)

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I doubt it. You won't see a team just fold.

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After the rogers/bell purchase of the maple leafs... does anybody see the potential for a split into two franchises down the road? For instance, Bell gives up their 37.5% of MLSE for the right to own another franchise in southern ontario (instead of paying a ton of fees to the leafs for being in their market).

It looks like the potential could be there with these to natural rivals.

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That's crazy talk.

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well, it looks like the east is going to expand to 16 teams in the years following the realignment. I can see them giving Canada two more teams, probably one in Quebec city and one in Oshawa. Personally, I think it makes more sense to put a team in Hamilton to take advantage of the large population south of Toronto, but the city of Oshawa is already building an NHL-grade arena.

Nothing is for sure, but it does seem to make sense.

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